“An engaging, realistic journey into drug addiction and bad decision making. Grosso’s Ferocity Summer is a riveting read.”
―A.S. King, author of the Printz honor book Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Ferocity Summer

by Alissa Grosso

Her best friend’s turning into a drug addict, the law is closing in and Scilla’s running out of options.

Scilla Davis doesn’t have high hopes for the summer that begins with her working behind the counter of a convenience store and is due to end with a trial that could determine her entire future, but it’s way worse than she expected. As her best friend develops an ugly drug habit, Scilla fends off the advances of a nerdy conspiracy theory nut, is stalked by a sleazy FBI agent and tries to make sense of the country’s sudden obsession with a drug known as Ferocity. With the end of summer looming and her future in the balance, Scilla has to decide how far she’s willing to go to save herself.

Ferocity Summer is a gritty, contemporary YA novel for older teens from author Alissa Grosso. If you’re looking for realistic fiction that pulls no punches, then take a look at this edgy coming of age tale.

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