3 Books for the Price of 1

Edgy Girls

by Alissa Grosso

A high school clique with a dark secret, a reckless girl trying to survive the worst summer of her life, three orphaned sisters with a mysterious past–the girls in these three YA books are all living life on the edge. Enjoy three full-length, standalone young adult novels in this ebook box set.

In Popular, you’ll meet a a high school clique that’s on the brink of imploding and the one boy who knows their secret. Ending with a shocking twist, this is not your typical tale of high school popularity.

In Ferocity Summer, Scilla Davis grapples with the bad choices she has made, her best friend’s drug addiction, and the attention she’s receiving from a creepy FBI agent–all while a frightening drug epidemic sweeps across the country. This dark and gritty novel serves up a slice of edgy realism.

In Shallow Pond, Barbara has always taken it for granted that she’s the youngest of the three orphaned Bunting sisters, but the arrival of two new guys in her small town sends her on a voyage of self discovery that brings her face to face with the surprising truth about her family’s past.

With their teen angst, social issues, and unexpected plot twists these three books are a perfect fit for older teen readers looking for a story they can sink their teeth into. Discover the YA novels of Alissa Grosso with this ebook collection.

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