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Up the Creek

An unsolved murder. Disturbing dreams. A missing child. Book 1 in the Culver Creek series.

Factory Girls

Dead women. Shady employers. Dark conspiracies. Book 2 in the Culver Creek Series.

Haunted Houses

Family secrets. Ghostly photos. Shady business deals. Book 3 in the Culver Creek Series.

Blood Answer

Stolen identities. Found family. Relentless killers. Book 4 in the Culver Creek Series.

Girl Most Likely to Succeed

Troubled by the recent deaths of her former classmates, Katrina goes hunting for answers, but will she be able to live up to her girl-most-likely-to-succeed title in time to save her friends?

In the Bag

Tamsyn learns that a grisly discovery she made is connected to a haunting phone call, but when she searches for answers what she finds is a little too close to home for comfort.

Unnamed Roads

When she discovers a clerical error on her birth certificate Petra sets off on a road trip to track down her mother with her sweepstakes-obsessed grandmother and  boy from her school in tow.

Shallow Pond

Barbara’s never considered her family normal, but when a series of events force her to confront her family’s history she makes a startling discovery.

Ferocity Summer

Scilla confronts her past mistakes as her best friend succumbs to drug addiction and a sleazy FBI agent tries to cut her a deal in this edgy YA novel.


Hamilton leads the coolest clique in the school, but when a dark secret threatens to unravel her group, who can she trust?

Edgy Girls

Get to know Alissa’s YA books with this digital bundle of 3 YA novels, which includes Popular, Ferocity Summer and Shallow Pond.

How to Make Money Selling Vintage Items on Etsy

Looking to start your own vintage store on Etsy? Alissa’s how-to guide offers great tips for beginners interested in selling vintage items and antiques.

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