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Hi, it’s Alissa! Thanks for stopping by!

So, if you’ve made it this far you’ve probably already figured out I’m an author. I’m the author of 8 published books so far, but I’m always working on at least one new book.

My first novel, Popular, was published by Flux in 2011. This young adult novel was later translated into Portuguese and German for foreign editions and was also published in India in an English language version.

Flux went on to publish two more young adult novels I wrote. Ferocity Summer came out in 2012 and Shallow Pond was published in 2013.

My fourth young adult novel Unnamed Roads came out in 2018, but in the meantime I published a nonfiction book titled How To Make Money Selling Vintage Items on Etsy.

In 2018 I also published my first adult novel. My thriller Girl Most Likely to Succeed came out in the fall of 2018 along with my thriller novella In the Bag.

You might think with writing all these books, I wouldn’t have time for anything else, and some days that feels like the case, but as it happens I do a lot of stuff besides writing.

Most of the time that I’m not busy writing I’m hanging out with the guys next to me in the top photo. That’s my boyfriend Ron (he’s in the gray hat) and my dog Jack. I’ve had a lot of fun adventures with these two.

Speaking of hats I wear a few myself, and have a business selling stuff on the internet. Ron helps me out with that. Jack, despite likely being some sort of working dog mix, is not much help, I’m sorry to report. If you recognize me from YouTube, you might have watched one of my Planet Alissa videos.

Writing is my main creative outlet, but I also enjoying creating cute and funny digital artwork. I sell some of my designs on t-shirts, stickers and other products through different online retailers. You can get a glimpse of my artwork here or visit my Instagram page.

Finally though I’m no longer releasing new episodes, you can get a glimpse into my author life by listening or watching past episodes of my weekly Awkward Author show.

Thanks for stopping by!


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