I guess I was in a bit of a summery mood this week, as the latest items I added to my Redbubble shop all have a hint of summer to them. Here’s this week’s hot new designs:

Water sports are a big party of summer fun, and my Ski Things Differently sticker is perfect for anyone who is into water skiing. It features the play on words slogan SKI THINGS DIFFERENTLY beneath a life jacket vest shape illustrated with a water skier making some waves. Die cut stickers are a lot of fun, but you can also check out this Ski Things Differently design on a host of other products in my Redbubble shop like tees, tote bags and more. Check them out!

I love all the bright colors of summer, and this bandana print shower curtain definitely has a summer feel with its bright magenta pink color. This paisley pattern is styled after classic Western style bandanas, but with a fun, bright pink twist. Home decor items aren’t all you’ll find featuring this pink bandana pattern, check out apparel items and personal accessories as well. Check all the cool bandana patterned gear in my Redbubble shop.

All this talk lately of crypto currency got me thinking about other alternate forms of currency, like sand dollars, and the idea on this art board print came to mind because really you should be able to buy beach houses with sand dollars. Well, the real estate market is pretty crazy here, and I have to admit I don’t own any sort of house, let alone a beach house, but if you want to help me toward that evenuality, you can always pick up one of these beach house sand dollar items or something else from my Redbubble shop that strikes your fancy!

Finally, this week this tropical print dress was inspired by classic Hawaiian shirts. It definitely has some big island energy with illustrations of coral colored hibiscus flowers and emerald green palm leaves against a teal blue background. Add a beachy look to your outfit or your home with diffrent tropical floral patterned home decor items and accessories available on Redbubble.

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