I’ve added a somewhat diverse assortment of designs to my Threadless Artist Shop this week. Whether you spend your Saturdays lazing about, engaging in water sports or hanging out in dank dark places there’s something for you in this week’s roundup of new stuff on Threadless. Check them out:

Here in this part of the world, summer’s fast approaching, and my Making Waves graphic t-shirt is perfect for active types. If you’re idea of the perfect summer day is heading out on the lake in a power boat to do some waterskiing then this is the shirt for you. It features my illustration of a water skier out on the water making some waves set in the shape of a life jacket vest, because safety first, and features a sporty color scheme of orange, teal blue, light blue and white.

Of course, some of us live a more laid back life. For those whose perfect summer day consists of chilling out on the deck or patio, then you might be interested in my Caturday Vibes graphic t-shirt. It features an illustration of a lazy cat chilling out on an Adirondack chair. A cat, an Adirondack chair and some warm weather? Sounds like the recipe for a perfect Saturday to me!

Okay, but what if you’re too cool for summer? No fear, my Let Go & Let Goth graphic t-shirt is perfect for keeping your cool in any weather. It features a cute illustration of a goth racoon dressed up in his own favorite skull t-shirt with his raven and spider pals by his side, and of course a funny, if irreverent slogan.

Let Go & Let Goth is my latest Threadless design submission, and for a few more days you can score it here.

Finally, this week I added my Grandana pattern to some clothing and accessories on Threadless like this duffel bag. Grandana, by the way, is my contraction of gray and bandana since this paisley pattern has the look of a charcoal gray bandana. Check out bandana shirts, leggings, face masks and more on Threadless.

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