Commas really can make a difference. I deliberately left one out of the title of this post, because it’s funny, but this week’s new items on Zazzle actually fall in to three seperate categories: juggling, hamsters and corgis. So, fear not, no animals were harmed in the writing of the post or the creating of this week’s new Zazzle designs.

I had fun this week working on two different styles of juggling designs. One features illustrations of juggling clubs, like this wrapping paper, and the other features my cute, cartoon juggling cat. So personalized gifts and party supplies that are perfect for juggling fans young and old can be found in this diverse juggling themed collection.

The other new collection I added to my Zazzle shop this week is brimming with cuteness, specifically cute kawaii style hamsters, like the three that can be found on this personalized throw pillow. You can check out all the personalized gifts, room decor and party supplies that are perfect for pet hamster owners in the Kawaii Cartoon Hamsters collection.

I created my Cool Corgi Collection on Zazzle some time ago, but this week did add one more item to it, this color variation on my personalized corgi dog party napkin. This mint green version was at a customer’s request, which is your friendly reminder if you see a design on Zazzle (or any of my online stores) but were hoping for a color variation or some other little tweak, please don’t hesitate to ask! On most of my Zazzle products you’re free to customize the background color yourself, but if you’re having trouble or have a special customization request feel free to use the chat option, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. Chances are it will only take me a minute or two, so don’t feel bad about reaching out!

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