It was a busy week for me over at Redbubble with lots of new items added to my shop including products featuring hamsters, jugglers, cats and, of course, juggling cats. Here’s a roundup of what I added this week over on Redbubble:

It takes a lot of balls to juggle, but fortunately this cat is well-endowed. This funny button features a cartoon illustration of a cat doing some juggling with the message IT TAKES A LOT OF BALLS TO JUGGLE above. This fun pin is perfect for anyone trying to master the art of juggling, and I must admit I’m in awe of jugglers who have the coordination to juggle more than, say, two balls at a time. You can find this juggling kitty on an assortment of other products on Redbubble as well.

If you’ve ever attempted to juggle than you know that THE JUGGLE IS REAL. That’s the slogan that you’ll find on this juggling themed raglan tee. It’s accompanied by some illustrations of juggling clubs in yellow, red, orange, green and blue. Or head on over to Redbubble and check out more juggling club illustrated gear.

Earth Day was this week, so it seemed like an appropriate time to add a design that encourages responsible and sustainable practices like using reusable shopping bags. This tote bag features an illustration of a reusable net style bag filled with groceries (very meta, I know) and the simple one word message REUSE below.

Sure a tote bag with an illustration of another bag on it is a bit ridiculous, but you can also find this graphic and timeless message on tees, stickers and much more over on Redbubble.

This week some new crew members arrived at the International Space Station and some new hamster products touched down in my Redbubble shop. First up are these out of this world hamsters riding in rocket ships. You can find this Kawaii cartoon style design in pink, yellow, green, orange and blue illustration on an assortment of fun an functional items on Redbubble like this super cute laptop sleeve.

Not all hamsters are jetting off into outer space. Some hamsters are kicking back here on earth where they enjoy running on their hamster wheels and nibbling on carrots, and maybe the occasional homework assignment. Need the perfect excuse for why you don’t have your homework? This MY HAMSTER ATE MY HOMEWORK t-shirt has you covered. It’s also available in sizes for grown-ups as well as on stickers, notebooks and other items. Check them all out here.

Finally, we finish out the week on a very chill note with some CATURDAY VIBES. That’s the slogan you’ll find on this graphic tank top that features an illustration of one very relaxed cat sprawled out on an Adirondack chair. This illustration was created with cat lovers and anyone whose preferred way to spend their weekend is chilling in mind. Here’s to a summer full of peace, joy and laid back vibes. You can check out the full range of Caturday Vibes designs on Redbubble.

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