Great news, I’ve added some new designs to my Threadless Artist Shop this week, even better news, everything in Alissa’s Artist Shop is on sale for 15% off, but this discount is only good through April 30th.

Okay, now onto this week’s new designs:

My Love the Earth design is pretty groovy, if I do say so myself. It’s got a timeless Earth Day and environmentalism theme with some retro 1960s vibes. Bold orange, yellow, blue and green colors and some somewhat trippy letters add to the psychedelic inspired design. Some distressed texture completes the retro feel.

Best of all, a portion of proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt goes to support the Nature Conservancy. Far out, man!

Continuing with this week’s retro theme, these Bucketfeet shoes available in my artist shop, feature a pattern of Midcentury Modern Front Doors in sunny yellow, reddish orange, turquoise blue and spring green. If you would prefer to wear your architecture on your chest, fear not this design is also available as a graphic t-shirt plus an assortment of other accessories and home goods items.

And right now Threadless members can vote for Shut The Front Door in the ongoing Threadless Design Challenge.

And finally this week, it’s time for some juggling themed humor, specifically a graphic t-shirt featuring the funny message IT TAKES A LOT OF BALLS TO JUGGLE because it literally does take a lot of balls to juggle, I mean, unless you’re juggling clubs, or knives or something else, I suppose. This design features a cute cartoon cat doing some juggling and it comes in sizes for jugglers of all ages.

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