This week over on Redbubble I was mostly busy playing with patterns like my pattern of flavored seltzer cans, a pattern of raindrops in retro colors and a more botanical pattern with moths and curly strands of grass. There was a also little bit of humor with my silly foxes and oxen. Here’s what I added this week to my Rebubble store:

Summer is just around the corner, so it seemed like the perfect time for adding this fun and colorful pattern with strong summer vibes to my Redbubble shop. This pattern features simple illustrations of aluminum cans in fun fruity colors. I’ve been calling them seltzer cans, but perhaps you see soda cans or even beer cans. The brightly colored cans in cream, red, orange, yellow, green and pink are set against a light blue background. Over on Redbubble you’ll find a variety of items featuring this pattern like this sleeveless top and variety of seltzer patterned gear.

Of course it’s still very much spring in these parts, and we’ve had a few April showers with more in the forecast so this raindrops pattern is very seasonal. Some raindrops in some not so traditional colors including mustard gold, light pink and tan are set against a rust red background for a very retro color scheme. You can find my retro raindrops pattern on a variety of items in my Redbubble shop like this bath mat.

I’m a little bit (understatement of the year!) dorky, and have always had a soft spot for rhyming humor, but I especially love rhyming humor when it’s paired with some creative grammar. So, I present to you my Oxes and Foxes in Sockses. They’re animals and they’re wearing socks and they don’t give a fig about confusing plural rules. Anyway, if you too love some dorky rhyming humor check out this Oxes and Foxes in Sockses graphic tee or a host of other items featuring these fashionable animals.

Finally, let’s finish this Redbubble roundup up with a design with a more chill nature. This botanical inspired design features swirly strands of ornamental grasses in a beige or cream color with illustrations of moths in light brown and reddish brown set against a vibrant teal or turquoise blue background. You can find my Grasses and Moths pattern on a variety of items like these oversized patterned pillows. Check out the full line of Grasses and Moths designs here.

So, whether you’re into observing nature, sipping refreshing beverages, yukking it up with silly animals or splashing in puddles on a rainy day, there just might be something that suits your fancy in this collection of designs. Thanks for stopping by!

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