So, it was actually kind of awhile ago (before Christmas, in fact) that I drew this blue-footed booby cartoon, and had fun adding this goofy looking bird to some items on Zazzle, but it’s taken me awhile to share this blue-footed booby bird with you because it took him awhile to actually arrive in my Zazzle store. Those more familiar with Zazzle and other online retailer sites that use some form of filtering technology might know why, but some of you might be scratching your head. After all, what could possibly be wrong with a cute little bird?

Well, the problem is with this Galapagos Islands’ resident’s name. Blue-footed booby is a pretty accurate name for this funny bird, but alas that whole “booby” term also can refer to a part of the female anatomy, and when uploading a product to Zazzle if you don’t select that your product is for mature audiences only, their system returns an error message when they see a word like “booby.”

The good news is that Zazzle allows you to request a manual review when uploading designs that they think might be too racy for non-mature audiences, and that way a human can assess the situation, and realize that a silly bird cartoon is perfectly fine viewing for site visitors of any age.

Of course, when one chooses to upload their unfortunately named bird designs to Zazzle right around the holidays when things are pretty crazy and hectic, that manual review can take kind of awhile. Which is why I’m only just now showing off my boobies to you! (Yeah, I see what I did there!)

So, if this bird’s name hasn’t tripped any filters on your own device, and you’re actually able to read this post, then I invite you to take a look at my boobies (get your mind out of the gutter!) on Zazzle. You can see my blue-footed booby collection here.

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