Recently I read a funny Twitter post from someone who had accidentally gone to the doctor’s office with her pet sugar glider asleep in her sports bra. Look, it’s been crazy times for everyone, so I’m not here to judge. I enjoyed reading the humorous story–patient and sugar glider made it home safely, so it had an happy ending. But seeing the cute photos of her pet sugar glider inspired me to doodle some sugar gliders of my own.

Then I had some fun adding my designs to an assortment of products that make perfect gifts for owners of pet sugar gliders or anyone who is obsessed with these cute little animals. Like this funny “I Like My Tea with a Little Sugar” coffee mug that you’ll find on Zazzle.

I definitely had some fun creating some sugar glider puns and sayings as well as my sugar glider illustrations. Who else remembers their grandmother saying “Oh Sugar!” when she didn’t want to curse? I thought this fun saying worked perfectly with my illustration of a “flying sugar” glider and made for a fun sweatshirt or other apparel items.

I learned some fun facts about sugar gliders while working on this project. I had aways assumed these cute “flying” mammals were related to flying squirrels. I mean, it would seem to make sense wouldn’t it since they have a very similar style of getting around? But nope they aren’t related to flying squirrels at all. Sugar gliders are actually marsupials and hail from that land of marsupials, Australia.

Something else I learned is that in many languages the name of these tiny critters includes the local word for sugar, which is perfect for creating some punny t-shirts for customers in Spain, Germany, France and Italy. It also means I was able to practice that Italian I’ve been learning on Duolingo when I created my own Italian version of my “I Like My Coffee with a Little Sugar” graphic t-shirt for Amazon Italy or as they say over in Italia “Mi piace il mio caffe con un po ‘di zucchero.”

You’ll find lots of different products featuring my sugar glider designs in my Zazzle shop. Or head on over to Amazon to browse a collection of sugar glider tees, totes and more. Finally these sweet little critters have also invaded my Redbubble shop.


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