Well, 2020 has been quite a year, and with it finally nearing an end, I thought it would be a good time to do my own version of a top 10 list, and share the top 10 products I created for Zazzle this year. What went into making these products my top 10 Zazzle products for the year? Were they my best sellers? Did they get the most views? Alas, I used a much more subjective metric in assembling this top 10 list. The 10 products that I have selected were some of my favorite designs of the year for an assortment of reasons. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 Zazzle products for 2020.

1. Teal Blue and Colorful Flowers Monogrammed Phone Case

I picked this phone case as one of my favorite designs of the year because it was one of the earliest designs I made this year. I remember having fun coloring the flowers while it was cold and wintery outside and thinking about warmer, sunnier days ahead. Of course, at the time I had no idea what the spring months would bring, but at the time I was blissfully unaware and so picked some sunny, happy colors: coral, orange, yellow, red and pink added some light green leaves and set the whole thing against a dark teal background. Fun fact: when I designed this phone case, I also designed some coordinating products including wedding invitations, wedding table numbers and other wedding stationery. Well, I probably don’t have to tell you that this year was not a big year for wedding invitations and other party supplies on Zazzle. You can check out all the coordinating teal blue and colorful flowers designs here.

2. Blue and Gray Marbled Face Mask

Nearly all the artwork I create for Zazzle I create digitally, but the artwork on this blue and gray marbled face mask is an exception. For Christmas last year my boyfriend gifted me some art supplies because I wanted to play around with acrylic paint, and I had some fun creating my own acyrlic pour painting. It’s now hanging up on my living room wall. Of course, I had no idea when I made that painting that it would end up on a face mask. I think if you had told me that at the time I probably would have looked at you like you had two heads. But fast forward to the spring when Zazzle first rolled out face masks. I decided that the painting hanging in my living room would look cool on a face mask, and ended up creating on of my better selling products of the year. It’s a bit strange and sad, but I hope that maybe in its own weird way my acrylic pour painting has helped to keep some people safe and healthy.

3. Vintage VW Bug Birthday Card

Well, another thing that 2020 introduced us to was the concept of drive-thru or drive-by parties and celebrations. So, I picked this card based on my own digital drawing of a vintage VW bug with some festive balloons tied to the bumper for my 2020 top 10 list. For most of us, this year’s celebrations looked a lot different. Socially distanced parties were just one of many new phenomenon of 2020. While some might see it as depressing, I like to think it shows how resilient and adaptable we are. Even in dark and scary times, we can find ways to celebrate big and small moments safely.

4. Colorful Armadillos Patterned Fabric

Speaking of staying safe, my boyfriend’s parents who spend half the year down in Florida and half the year up here in New Jersey, delayed their return journey up north this year out of ‘an abundance of caution’ as the saying goes. But while they were down in Florida this year, they had some issues with an armadillo who had burrowed under their air conditioner unit. Their armadillo adventures inspired me to create my own armdillo illustration. I had fun creating some different Zazzle products featuring my armadillo graphic, but I think my favorite is this patterned fabric featuring brightly colored armadillos. I do love my bright warm colors, and I think this print is perfect for anyone who is a fan of these strange little creatures. If you’d like to see the rest of my armadillo designs you can check them out here.

5. Funny Mullet Trucker’s Hat

One of my favorite things about Zazzle is that the products can be customized by buyers. I originally created my mullet illustration for some Father’s Day designs, but retro haircuts shouldn’t be confined to Father’s Day. So, I also added some mullet designs like this mullet trucker’s hat that are ready to be customized with names or your own messages because chances are if you’re the person that’s buying someone a mullet hat you can come up with the perfect funny phrase to go on it. Of course you can also find some mullet designs that were created specifically for Father’s Day in my mullet collection on Zazzle.

6. Personalized Frog Mug

Back in the spring, I was walking my dog when I spotted a puddle near our home that was teeming with tadpoles. I enjoyed checking out the tadpoles each day, but the sun was getting warmer, the puddle was shrinking and no rain was in the forecast. That’s when I decided to do what I could to transfer as many tadpoles as I could from the little puddle to a little pond at the other end of the driveway. I honestly, don’t know if my rescue operation was a success, but one day when I went back to check on the transferred tadpoles I spotted a frog on a mossy rock in the middle of the pond sitting sentry. I snapped his picture, then decided he would look cool on some Zazzle products like this personalized frog coffee mug. So I picked this mug as one of this year’s favorites because it reminded me of those tadpoles some of whom hopefully survived to become full size frogs. You can check out more products featuring my frog photo here.

7. Seahorses Bathroom Accessories

Speaking of aquatic creatures, these seahorses bathroom accessories made my top 10 list. Unlike that frog these are an illustration and are in a fun, cartoon sort of style. I love the bright colors of these seahorses: a cool blue, lime green and orchid purple. My seahorses are available on a wide assortment of products, but the bathroom supplies like this soap pump and toothbrush holder set as well as the matching shower curtain have proven popular, and I’m not surprised. Fish, especially cute ones are perfect for decorating bathrooms. I like to think of my cute little illustrations bringing some color and cheer to someone else’s bathroom.

8. Dog Photo Pawprint Car Magnet

This one’s a little bit bittersweet for me. I created this simple template on Zazzle for anyone who wanted to create their own custom paw print shaped car magnet featuring a photo of their dog or cat and the pet’s name in white script lettering. And I’m pleased to tell, it’s sold well this year, but I’ve got to admit that the real reason I picked this photo magnet for my top ten list is because of the model. I used a picture of my dog Jack as the placeholder or example photo. Oh and the name Winston? That was actually the name of my parents’ dog. The reason this is a bittersweet selection for my is that this year I had to say goodbye to Jack. After 15 and a half years of playing with squeaky balls and riding around in cars on this mortal plain, he’s gone off to the great beyond. I miss him, but it brings me joy to see his face on this magnet each time it sells and to know that there are other good boys and girls out there whose faces will be decorating their owners’ vehicles.

9. Votes For Women Pennant Pillow

2020 marked the one hundredth anniversary of women being given the right to vote, and so I was inspired to create some designs featuring illustrations of vintage memorabilia from the women’s suffrage movement like this pillow featuring an illustration of a Votes For Women pennant. I’ve always had a keen interest in history, and I’ve always believed in exercising my civic duty and voting in elections so I wanted to celebrate all those brave women who fought for the right to vote. You can see other items from my Women’s Suffrage Movement collection here.

10. Personalized Bookmarks Notebook

Well, it won’t come as any surprise that I love books–both reading and writing them. So, I really enjoyed creating these bookmarks illustrations. I have to admit I have a weakness for journals and notebooks of all sorts, so for those two reasons I picked this personalized bookmarks notebook for my top 10 list. It seems like the perfect notebook for jotting down notes or writing an outline for that novel you’ve always been meaning to write or for keeping a log of all those books you’ve read. And one thing you can say about 2020 that being stuck at home for so much of it, it was a pretty good year for reading. That was if all the anxiety and uncertainty didn’t distract you from your books. Of course, I liked my bookmarks illustrations so much that you can find them on an assortment of products in my Pretty Bookmarks for Readers collection on Zazzle.

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