Somewhere in my parents’ treasure trove of family photos is a truly terrible snapshot my sister too of me mid-row in a row boat. As awkward photos go, it’s a true winner. I’ve never actually been in a kayak, but something tells me if I did there would be fodder for many an awkward snapshot. So, while I salute all of you paddling around in your kayaks I’ll just stay here on dry ground with my books and doodles.

And speaking of doodles and kayaks, I wanted to share some of my latest, a fun illustration of a kayaker that’s available on an assortment of products. For fans of funny graphic t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and the like, check out these funny kayak t-shirts on Amazon.

Want to add your own funny message or a name to create a personalized gift? Well, then you should check out the assortment of kayaking themed products I have available in my Zazzle shop:

You’ll find personalized flip flops, water bottles, coffee mugs and much more. There’s even some kayaks and fish patterned fabric so you can craft your own kayak themed gifts.

So happy paddling to all you kayakers out there, and here’s hoping if someone decides to snap your picture while you’re out on the water that it comes out way better than that photo my sister snapped of me all those years ago.

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