If you’ve spent any amount of time on this website then you probably already know that I enjoy creating cute and quirky illustrations, and you also probably know that I love Zazzle. One of the things I love about Zazzle is that nearly every item on the site can be customized by shoppers. Whether you’re simply filling in a name in the fill-in-the-blank template field to easily create a personalized gift or diving deeper and getting a little more creative by changing up background colors or add your own photo or your own illustration to items. Zazzle’s customization options make them the perfect destination for creating truly one of a kind gifts.

Back in the day (I’m old, sorry) if w wanted a personalized gift we had to go to a store called Things Remembered at the mall. It was pretty cool and extra special to be able to create keepsake personalized gifts, but Things Remembered did have one drawback. Their product line was limited to what I would describe as more traditional maybe that were even a bit stodgy and old fashioned. If you were looking for something a bit more fun and colorful, forget it.

So this collection of quirky gifts I’ve assembled is sort of the opposite of Things Remembered. All of these items can be customized just like those items in Things Remembered stores, but unlike those items these all have a more modern, quirky vibe. They’re all available in my Zazzle store, which you can visit here.


1. Personalized Octopus Playing Cards

Winter’s a perfect time for playing cards. Whether their game of choice is poker, solitaire or gin they’ll love their very own personalized deck of cards. If they also love sea creatures and all things nautical they’ll appreciate these cards featuring an illustration of an octopus that are ready to be personalized with a name or with your own custom message. Do they have a trademark saying for when they lose or win a game? Here’s your chance to commemorate it with these custom cards. Check out these octopus playing cards now.


2. Custom Message Mullet Beer Stein

Who among us has not experienced a bad hair day or a bad hair decade? Poke some fun at past haircuts and create a unique custom gift at the same time with this fun beer stein that’s anything but stodgy. It features a simple illustration of a mullet haircut and your own custom text. Add a name, a funny slogan or catch phrase to create an unexpected gift. Customize your own mullet beer stein today.


3. Possum Can Sleeve

For those who prefer to drink their beer and other beverages straight from the can a foam can wrap sleeve might be the way to go. With a personalized one they’ll never have to worry about someone else grabbing their beer and soda again. It’s possible this possum one might be the perfect choice. These rodents are a common site at outdoor cat food stations and do have a certain knack for waddling across the road at the worst possible times. But chilling on a can sleeve is a much better spot for them. Create your own personalized possum can wrap now.


4. Funny Tote Bag for Knitters

For your friend who loves to knit a tote bag for toting knitting needles, yarn and other supplies is a perfect choice, and as an added bonus this one has a funny message that reminds everyone just how cool knitters are. Turn it into a personalized gift by choosing to edit the design to add a name or favorite photo to the reverse side of this tote bag. Check out this If You Think I’m Cool Now tote bag for knitters now.

Just looking for a little gift for a knitting friend? They’re sure to appreciate a Just Unwind ball of yarn button or pin.

5. Personalized Dinosaur Phone Case

If they’re lucky enough to be getting a new phone for Christmas, then they’re going to need a new phone case, and if they’re not lucky enough to be getting a spiffy new iPhone or a shiny new Android phone, then a new phone case is the perfect way to dress up some old tech to make it feel new. Kids and anyone who is young at heart will love a phone case that features a toy plastic dinosaur along with their name in chunky white lettering. Create a personalized dinosaur phone case today.


6. Rocking Amplifier Doormat

Looking for a gift for a rocker or music lover? This doormat with an illustration of an amplifier is ready for your custom touch. Surprise them with a welcome mat for their home or their music studio. Personalize with their name, a band name or your own custom message. Rock and roll and wipe those feet. Make your own rock and roll amplifier doormat today.


7. Personalized Ramen Bowl

Know someone who loves to eat ramen noodles? Well, then they deserve their own personalized ramen noodle bowl. This one features fun illustrations of ramen noodle cups in red blue and green and your own message in red lettering. Grab a personalized ramen bowl now.


8. Ramen Packet Ornament

Of course die-hard ramen lovers also deserve their own personalized ramen noodle Christmas ornament as well. This one looks like a packet of ramen noodles, but you can turn it into an extra special keepsake by adding names, dates, funny slogans and more. Add your own personalized touch to this ramen noodle packet Christmas ornament today.


9. Toad Post-It Notes

These personalized Post-It Notes are perfect for more than just toady coworkers. This fun custom note pad has a photo of an American toad set against a bold orange background and a white speech bubble for writing message. With a spot to personalize these notes with name they make a great stocking stuffer for fans of toads and other wild animals. Add a name to make some personalized toad Post-Its.


10. Axolotl Pillow

If the animal lover on your shopping list prefers their amhibians a little more unusual then this personalized throw pillow might be just up their alley. It features a cute cartoon style illustration of an axolotl salamander in bright pink with a matching spot to add their name in pink lettering. This pillow or cushion is cute enough for kids, but grown ups too will appreciate adding some extra cuteness to their couch. Add a name to make your own personalized axolotl throw pillow now.


11. Licking Lips Compact

This personalized compact mirror features a design that’s a little bit retro and a little bit sexy that she’s sure to love. An illustration of a bright magenta pair of lips with a pink tongue licking them is set against a bold purple background. Add a name in matching magenta lettering. A girl always has to look her best and this fun and colorful pocket mirror that fits her style is  the perfect way to do so. Create a personalized bright and retro compact mirror today.

So this hoiday season I hope you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, and don’t forget to let Santa know what you would like him to leave under your tree on Christmas morning!

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