Sometimes you want cute cartoon style animals, and sometimes you want equally cute, but more realistic style animals. And sometimes you can’t decide between the two. Welcome to my world!

I started playing around with creating a porcupine illustrations a little while back, and came up with his sharp (and more relaistic style) fellow. I present to you, exhibit A:

I liked this spiky fellow, but I realized all those quills made him look just a tad bit frightening. So, I started playing around with a kindler gentler porcupine, and though you still might want to keep your distance, there’s no doubt that Exhibit B definitely seems a bit more approachable:

You can find both my realistic style and my cartoon style porcupine grahics on an assortment of small gift items like keychains and can sleeves in the Prickly Porcupine Collection on Zazzle. There’s also greeting cards, party supplies and apparel items.

Or if you’re looking for your own Looking Sharp tee or and Everything Quill Be Okay Porcupine shirt you’ll find them on Amazon.

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