When I designed my latest wedding suite for Zazzle, I wanted to create something that still had a classic, elegant feel, but with a modern touch. The result was my Bold Antique Roses wedding collection.

All the products in this collection feature antique engraving style illustrations of roses in black with a white underbase. The illustrations have an old fashioned, historical sort of feel, but to give this retro graphic a modern look I paired it with fun, super bright, nearly neon, colors. These black and white roses stand out dramatically against electric blue, electric purple, fiery goldenrod, and lime green backgrounds. Oh, and for those who don’t love bright colors as much as me you can keep things more simple with a plain white background.

This collection includes an assortment of custom printed products that are perfect for weddings and other formal events with invitations (like those pictured above), mailing supplies, paper plates, napkins, posters, favors and much more.

With the different products in this collection available in each of the bright colors plus plain white, you can choose your favorite color and stock up on everything you need for your special event, or you can make things extra colorful and mix and match the different colors for a fun, colorful look. The choice is up to you.

There are plenty of traditional style wedding invitations and party supplies out there. I’ve even designed some! But for those looking for something less traditional that fits their own bold style, the choices are more limited. Of course, there’s nothing untraditional about floral designs especially those featuring roses, but my black roses add a hint of goth while still being tasteful and classic in their appearance.

As for neon colors . . . well there do not seem to be nearly enough wedding invitations that stray too far from traditional understated colors. So I created this suite of products for those who like their colors extra bright and eye-catching. Weddings and the people getting married have changed a lot since the stodgy days of yore, and the invitations and party supplies you choose for your wedding day should reflect this.

I invite you to check out all the invitations, party supplies, gift items and home decor items that are available in my  Bold Antique Roses Wedding Suite.

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