I used to run a vintage shop on Etsy and have long been a fan of antiques and vintage treasures so for my next series of designs I took some inspiration from the pins or buttons, pennants and signs from the Women’s Suffrage Movement because another thing I’m a fan of is doing my civic duty and voting in each election, something I wouldn’t even be able to do if it was for those tough suffragettes who won th right to vote.

I had so much fun creating these graphics, I added them to a bunch of the online shops where I sell my artwork. First up is Zazzle where there’s plenty of candidates to choose from like, mugs, pillows, bathroom decor and appartel products.

There’s a whole host of apparel choices available in my Threadless Artist Shop featuring my Votes for Women Bird Sign graphic and there’s even a pair of Bucketfeet shoes featuring a pattern of Women’s Suffrage Movement memorabilia.

Looking for more Votes for Women t-shirt designs and other apparel items? Then head over to Amazon where you’ll have your pick of different graphic tees, hoodies, tank tops and more featuring Votes for Women illustrations.

Can’t decide on a single Votes for Women illustration? I’ve got a collage of Women’s Suffrage Movement memorabilia available on Redbubble with fun items like stickers, magnets, scarves and even a backpack.

So, remember this year and every year don’t waste the right that those women fought so hard for and make sure you vote on election day.

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