What’s your view of octopuses? Or octopi? I’m told either plural form of octopus is correct. Do you think these fish are incredibly cool or do you find them frightening? Perhaps a little of both.

I think they’re pretty amazing, myself. I doodled this octopus illustration while I was sitting out in my car waiting while my boyfriend had a dentist appointment. Perhaps the apointment would have taken less time if his dentist had eight tentacles instead of having just two hands to work with. But then an underwater dentist appointment would be pretty problematic.

Anyway, I decided to turn my octopus doodle into some fun products. I added a 2021 calendar to the body of the brick red and cream colored octopus, and you can find some Octopus calendar products avaialable in my Redbubble shop. Of course calendar tea towels are always popular and since Redbubble doesn’t currently offer kitchen towels, I created a 2021 Octopus calendar tea towel in my Zazzle shop.

Those aren’t all the octopi you’ll find in my Zazzle shop. You’ll find a whole collection of Octopus products which are ready to be customized with your own name or message to create unique personalized gifts that are perfect for fans of these fearsome sea creatures. Check out all the Octopus cards, gifts and party supplies available in my Zazzle shop.

Finally, like I said I think that octopuses are pretty cool already, but I decided to make this octopus extra cool by giving him a pair of sunglasses and adding the play on words message “Tentacool” to graphic t-shirts, hoodies and more that are available to buy on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a tentacool day!

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