As some of you know, for a couple of years I had YouTube vlog and podcast called Awkward Author in which I shared all the thrilling (or not so thrilling as the case often was) details of my author life in weekly episodes. Back in the spring, I decided to take a break from podcasting and vlogging. I have no plans to return to this arena, though you can catch previous episodes on the Awkward Author YouTube channel.

However, I missed sharing information with my fellow authors and decided to do so in the form of written word blog posts. I have relaunched the Awkward Author website with plans to update it on a semi regular basis with helpful information and articles for writers at all stages of their careers.

With my first book series due to be released in January I will be sharing weekly posts about what I’m doing to prepare for the launch. So, if you’re a fellow author looking for some tips on launching a book series of your own, I invite you to take a look at

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