When I was eleven years old we moved into a new house, and I got to pick out my first new bedroom set. Previously, my bedrooms had been decorated with mismatched cast off furniture, so let me tell you, getting to pick out my very own bedroom set was super exciting. My style aesthetics then (and now) tended toward modern so I picked out a sleek and modern bedroom set that wasn’t quite in keeping with my parents super traditional colonial style house, but it was the perfect sanctuary for thoroudly modern me. The set of furniture I picked out was primarily white, but with mauve colored accents, and that mauve color proved to be the perfect shade for my own private space. I still love that soft and subtle shade of pink, and so when I decided to design some products featuring a mandala pattern, I returned to my childhood bedroom and its mauve tones.

My Mauve Over Mandala collection can be found in my Threadless Artist shop and features mauve colored mandalas some on their own and some in a pattern set against a dusty rose background. The soft pinks have a peaceful sort of vibe that seems in keeping with the mandala shape. I’ve always loved coordinated outfits and collections, so I was excited to try my hand at creating my own featuring one of my favorite colors. This set of products on Threadless features the usual t-shirts, but also coordinating leggings, shoes, backpacks, socks and more! You can browse all these mandala designs here.

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