I think 2020 might go down in history as the summer of the camping trip vacation. I feel like more people than ever this year opted to make their family vacation a camping trip. Sure, there’s something peaceful and magical about communing with nature, but it’s also true that staying outdoors in your own tent far from the madding crowds sure feels a lot safer thanĀ  staying in hotel rooms or visiting crowded amusement parks.

Camping trips are a lot of fun, but there is one small issue. If you are pitching your tent somewhere off the beaten track you aren’t likely to see any souvenir shops during your stay. Of course, some parents dealing with thinner than normal wallets this summer might welcome the lack of shopping, but if you were hoping for a souvenir from your camping trip, you’re bound to be disappointed. But fear not, my latest Zazzle collection is here to rescue you from this dilemma.


1. Pick Out a Souvenir Product

There’s plenty to choose from like the always popular souvenir t-shirt, Christmas ornaments that also allow you to showcase your favorite camping trip photo or a water bottle that’s perfect for bringing with you on future camping trips. You can browse the whole assortment of camping themed products here.


2. Enter Your Text in the Template Fields

Your camping souvenir is ready to be personalized with your own text. You can enter the name of your favorite campground or camping spot and the city and state it’s located in, or make a truly personalized gift by entering a first name or a family name. Add a year or a place name to make a special commemorative present. You can even get creative and add your own favorite saying or inspirational message.

3. Preview and Order

When you’re satisfied with how your one of a kind souvenir looks, add it to your Zazzle shopping cart and complete your order. Your souvenir will be delivered straight to your doorstep. No need to wait in line at the souvenir shop, which means you’ll have more time for planning your next big camping vacation!

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