Growing up on of my favorite games was Hungry, Hungry Hippos and on of my favorite Christmas songs was “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” I was also quite taken with the dancing hippos in Fantasia. So, it seemed inevitable that I would try my hand at doodling my own cartoon hippo.

My hippo appears in both ivory or cream and light slate blue in some of my different online shops, and while some of my hippos are hungry and want to let the world know about it, others are ready to have you add your own fun message to create hippopatamus gifts with a personalized touch.

Here’s where you’ll find my hippo designs for sale:


Score some hip hippo gear on Amazon like this cute blue Hungry Hippo hoodie, then say that three times fast!


Blue hungry hippos can also be found over at my Redubble shop with lost of cute gear available including this hippo sticker.


Over at Threadless you can grab graphic t-shirts and other apparel items for kids and adults featuring my hungry hippo in a cream or ivory color with a distressed style for a vintage look.


Want to add a name or your own message? Head on over to Zazzle for personalized gifts and custom party supplies featuring my hippo in a slate blue color.

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