I have a fox who lives nearby who I’ve spotted now and then from my window. My dog and my vulpine neighbor are currently engaged in a literal pissing match. Last week I glanced out the kitchen window and saw our local fox peeing on the spot of grass that is a favorite potty spot of my dog Jack, and the other day I can only assume based on my dog’s eager sniffing of a clump of weeds close to the front of the house that Mr. (or Ms. as the case may be) Fox had decided to relieve itself there.

Perhaps someday I’ll try to capture this urinary battle in artistic form, but for the time being I’m focusing on a fox of a different color. Literally. I’m talking about melanistic foxes, something I only recently learned about thanks to the wonders of the internet.

Melanistic is a term for a pigmentation abnormality that can occur in a variety of creatures. It’s a sort of reverse albinism. Rather than the white patches of skin and fur that albino animals have, a melanistic animal has black or dark patches of fur and skin. Not long ago I recall seeing a gray squirrel that had jet black fur but did not realize at the time what I was seeing was a melanistic squirrel.

Some melanistic animals have a completely black coat instead of the traditional fur color of their species. Others have a partially melanistic coat where patches of black are interspersed with patches of their standard fur colors, and it can create quite a striking look.

I decided to do some doodling and create a simple illustration of a partially melanistic fox adding some charcoal gray patches to this red fox’s bright orange coat. I love the unique color scheme and hope you do too!

Here’s where you can find my melanistic foxes prowling around:



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