Are you the sort of person who gets their Christmas shopping done insanely early? I have some great news for you, then. I’ve recently added some super cute Christmasy items to my Zazzle shop, and Zazzle is helping early bird shoppers get a jump on the holiday with their annual Christmas in July sale.

The sale run for 4 more days, and you can take advantage of a generous 40 to 50 percent off discount on Christmas cards, other stationery products, Christmas decor items and even some gifts. So, even if you’re not usually one of those people who has their Christmas shopping done by August you might want to switch things up this year and make use of this sweet discount.

Oh, and despite the name, this sale is not confined to Christmas products only. Need some birthday cards or maybe some wrapping paper? Now’s the time to grab these items while they’re on sale.

I’ll admit, I’m not usually the sort of person who gets her holiday shopping done ridiculously early, and though I am all in favor of having a Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, it does seem a little crazy to be thinking about Christmas stuff in July. But when you’re in the business of selling stuff to customers, you really have to think a bit ahead, and with this crazy year and how hot it has been here of late, it seemed like a good time to be working on some Christmas illustrations and designs.

It’s common knowledge that I have a love for all things vintage. I ran a vintage shop on Etsy for years, and I do love cool vintage treasures. One thing I especially love is vintage Christmas decorations. Whether it’s tree ornaments or sparkly putz houses, retro Christmas decor is my jam. So, my latest Zazzle collection was inspired by vintage deer Christmas ornaments. I created some illustrations of fawns or baby deer in pink, light blue and mint green as well as some holiday star ornaments. You can find my cute deer on Christmas cards, tree skirts and baby’s first Christmas baby bibs as well as a whole lot more. You can view the whole kitsch and kaboodle of vintage Christmas deer in my Pastel Vintage Deer Collection.

But I believe in spreading out the holiday cheer, so I’ve added some different vintage deer designs to the other places where I sell with t-shirts, stickers and much more available.

Redbubble shoppers can find my kitshcy deer Merry Christmas vintage deer design here and some fun products featuring an all over pattern of cute little fawns and sparkly stars right here.

You’ll find graphic tees, shoes and much more with my Christmas deer in my Threadless artist shop, and in case you are coming to this post a little late, I’ll give you the tip that Threadless has a sale going that picks up, right around the time the Zazzle sale winds down. Nice!

And finally, I know some of you are Amazon or bust sort of shoppers. Well, the good news is you’ll find an assortment of graphic t-shirts and hoodies featuring my cute retro deer on Amazon, and yes, they are Prime eligible.

So, if your aim this year is to for once not be scrambling to buy your Christmas gifts the week before Christmas, or if you love vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations as much as I do, I hope you’ll check out the products featuring my artwork.

As for me? I’m going to wait until it’s the sun gets a little lower in the sky to take the dog for his walk. So, while we chill out indoors, I think maybe I’ll work on some more artwork. I heard Halloween is right around the corner!

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