Whether you call them emojis or emoticons, there’s something funny and fun about these universally understood icons that show our emotions without having to try and spell out tricky words with our fat thumbs on our cell phones. My emojis gifts and party supplies collection on Zazzle features some brightly colored emoji faces.

These faces that I doodled are a bit more colorful than the ones you might find in your text messages or on social media sites, and have a simple sort of style that lends itself nicely to a colorful pattern or cute greeting cards.

As someone who is a bit of a word nerd, I don’t use emojis as often as some people, but even I admit there are times when a picture, even if it’s a little emoji face in a text message, can be worth a thousand words . . . or at least two or three.

So whether it’s a smile or a frown, a wink or a shocked expression or just some happy tears of joy, you can let everyone know just what sort of mood you’re in with these fun designs. Browse the full collection of emoji products here.

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