About a week ago, I rescued some tadpoles. I live in a somewhat swampy area, and while walking my dog along our long, wooded driveway we often find ourselves serenaded by a chorus of bullfrogs. (We usually have some busy woodpeckers providing a nice percussion section.) Some areas of the driveway are swampier than others. One muddy section is prone to large puddles, and as I had noticed during our walks some of these puddles were teeming with tadpoles.

But a little over a week ago, I noticed the tadpoles were in trouble. We had gone several days without rain and the puddles were shrinking. I had noticed a strange phenomenon where the puddles suddenly had all these little round divets or indentations in them. These reminded me of the dimples on a golf ball, but each indenation was roughly the size of a golf ball. My boyfriend and I worked out that this must have been done by the tadpoles swimming in frantic circles trying to carve out a little mini puddle to save themselves from the rapidly shrinking puddle.

It was clear that clever as this strategy was, it wasn’t going to be enough to save those little guys, and with no rain in the forecast, I knew something needed to be done. Armed with a plastic cub and a glass milk bottle I went out to the shrinking puddle to scoop up the tadpoles so that I could transport them to a safer pond. (Note: I actually made an attempt to film the operation, but almost immediately found myself becoming far too muddy, and I was certainly not coordinated enough to work a phone and a tadpole rescue operation concurrently!)

With a mud-covered jacket a half gallon milk bottle I set about trekking back and forth rehoming the tadpoles. I soon learned that my driveway was far longer than I ever realized and that a half gallon milk jug can be surprisingly heavy when filled with water, mud and tadpoles.

I did worry about whether my little rescue operation was messing around too much with nature and the ecosystem, whether the tadpoles would do okay in their new pond and if I was just transfering them so that they could be eaten by whatever local critters eat tadpoles

So a day or so after Operation Tadpole Salavation was completed I went back to the little pond where I had relocated the tadpoles to see how they were doing. I did spot a few in some clearer spots of the water, and though they were nowhere near as active as they had been in that shrinking puddle, they were still very much alive. So, that was a relief. While I was checking on my tadpoles, I noticed something else, a full-grown frog sitting on a mossy rock in the little pond. And this time since I wasn’t in a muddy mess or trying to juggle a milk bottle full of tadpoles, I was able to take out my phone and snap a picture.

I really liked the photo I snapped of this froggy sentry, and decided that with a bit of tweaking this photograph would make some cool frog-themed items in my Zazzle shop. So, unlike one of my doodles or drawings this collection of frog products on Zazzle features a photo I snapped.

I used the full unedited version of my frog on a moss-covered rock photo to create a cool, and challenging looking frog jigsaw puzzle on Zazzle, but most of the frog gifts and stationery products I created make use of the cropped version of my frog picture. Like the personalized frog coffee mug pictured to the left.

If you need a gift for someone who loves frogs or are a fan of these amphibians yourself, then, you might appreciate some of the different personalized frog items like this green frog tote bag or a fun personalized avocado green frog throw pillow.

Maybe you just want to wish someone who is a fan of frogs a happy birthday, make that a HOPPY birthday–sorry, I couldn’t resist! Check out my froggy birthday card here or just send them a HAVE A HOPPY DAY frog postcard. And, of course you’ll want to make sure everyone knows where your pond is with some frog return address labels.

I had so much fun playing around with my frog photo, that I also created some frog party invitations and all sorts of party supplies to go with it so that you can throw a toadally awesome party for kid or adults who love animals and nature.

Whether you’re a fellow tadpole rescuer, or just think these little leapers are kind of cute, you can check out all of the different frog themed gifts and party supplies in my Realistic Frog Photo Gifts and More collection on Zazzle.

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