Crabs get such a bad reputation! First of all, there’s the whole negative connotation of the word “crabby” as if these little crustaceans are always in a bad mood. Then there’s the whole STD that they share a name with. I guess I wanted to help improve the self image of crabs when I created this little cartoon crab that’s featured in my latest Zazzle collection.

This not so crabby crab is ready to hit the beach with his blue bucket hat on. I actually created this crab illustration last year. You can find him on my Take Me to the Beach sticker on Redbubble as well as an assortment of other products on Redbubble.

But it was only this year that I got around to adding my happy little crab to an assortment of products in my Zazzle store. Hey, I’m a busy woman, and sometimes life can get a bit crazy!

I really thought this crab would work nicely with some of the different customizable products that are available on Zazzle. With his beachy attire, I figured he was perfect for folks who wanted to create their own souvenir t-shirts and other souvenirs.

Obviously crabs work perfectly with Ocean City, MD or any destination in Maryland, but you can find crabs at beaches way beyond Maryland’s borders. Fun side note, I can recall when I was little my sister had a souvenir change purse that said “Maryland Is For Crabs” on it and, yep, that was a reference to her being cranky during a family vacation. Speaking of Maryland vacations, my first time riding on a plane I was about 6 years old, and we flew to Baltimore from, wait for it, Newark, NJ. For those not familiar with the geography, this is generally a trip worthy of a not-so-long car ride and not a plane trip. These days with security checkpoints it would probably take you longer to fly to Baltimore than drive there from Newark!

Whether you’re flying or driving on your next vacation, or just want a special souvenir gift for an out-of-town guest, these beachy crabs are ready to be personalized with the name of your favorite beach or your home town. Create your own souvenir crab t-shirt, tote bag, mug or postcard. Of course, if you prefer you can personalize these with your recipient’s name instead of a place name to create a unique personalized gift that’s perfect for someone who loves crabs and hanging out at the beach.

Speaking of the beach, I thought this crab would work nicely for some beach party supplies, and the red, white and blue color scheme definitely helps to give this a summer feel that’s perfect for the Fourth of July, but cute enough to be used all summer long. I added some colorful beach hat accents to some of my crab party supplies to help give things a fun and festive flair. Crab invitations, crab party plates, personalized crab napkins and more are all available.

You can browse the fully collection of crab gifts, party supplies and greeting cards in the A Crab at the Beach collection on Zazzle.

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