Have you ever heard of a creature called the axolotl? I recently learned about them, and I have to admit, I had the same reaction that one of my coworkers once did to learning about narwhals–that is to say, I though they couldn’t possibly be real. This skepticism on my part, stemmed not from a disbelief about their behavior, but due to the fact that in the images I saw they looked like something dreamed up by an animator at Pixar.

These little pink salamanders look more like aliens than any sort of traditional terrestrial creature, but these are cute, super happy looking aliens. Thankfully, they aren’t aliens at all. Axolotls are one hundred percent real, and one hundred percent adorable.

In case like me you’re stymied by sans serif fonts and bad eyesight. That’s AXOLOTL. I made the mistake of thinking these adorable little creatures were called AXOLOTIS, mistaking that last “L” for an “I” and the internet was not happy with my search term!

Axolotls are also known as Mexican walking fish, because they do sort of seem like fish with legs, but these adorable critters are not fish at all, but amphibians, albeit aquatic ones. These amphibians retain their gills into adulthood and are content to hang out in the water. Specifically, the water in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, as this is where they are native to.

These fish with feet (I know, they’re not fish at all) have a pretty pinkish hue, but I think their best feature is their face, which is highlighted by big eyes and a big grin that makes them look more like cartoon characters than real animals. Oh, and that adorable face is framed by a wild mane of sorts. These animals, are real lookers!

So my cartoon axolotl drawing might take some liberties, but overall is pretty much realistic style depiction of an axolotl if a little bit brighter in color. I tried my best to capture all the best qualities of these cute little aquatic salamanders.

I created a line of customizable products featuring axolotls in my Zazzle store. These include greeting cards and personalized gifts like tote bags and baby bibs. I also have some plain (text free) products featuring my cartoon axolotl available in my Redbubble and Threadless stores.

Want to learn more about axolotls? This Wikipedia article has a lot of good information. And, yep, it took me a little bit of extra time to find because first I had to learn how to spell axolotl correctly!

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