When I first created this cute and happy cat holding up his little sign with a heart drawn on it, everyone in this country was locked away in their houses trying to “flatten the curve” as they say of the coronavirus. Now, it’s June and little by little life seems to returning to something approaching normalcy, but that doesn’t mean we all couldn’t use a little extra love.

Versions of this design have been available in my Threadless Artist Shop, but I’ve recently also added my happy and loving kitty to Redbubble as well as to some products in my Zazzle shop, because this cat and his heartfelt sign seemed so perfect for greeting cards and postcards for sending love and cheer to cat lovers who could use a little extra boost during some difficult times.

I had two inspirations for this fun feline design. The first of course was everyone staying home and holding up signs in their windows showing their love and appreciation for all front line workers.

My other inspiration were the signs that people started posting asking about the names of their neighbors’ cats. I’m pretty sure this is a trend that predates the pandemic, and in my personal opinion I’m all for it continuing long after the word “coronavirus” is nothing but a distant memory, because is there anything more adorable than people communicating with their neighbors about their cat’s name with signs taped in windows.? Well, okay, maybe the cats sitting in the windows might be more adorable, but for human cuteness the whole cat signs trend gets top marks, in my opinion!

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