I remember when you used to see those big multi-family birdhouses everywhere. I guess these vintage birdhouses have gone out of fashion, but I always thought these bird hotels were so cool looking.

Maybe bird hotel, though, is the wrong word. Probably bird condo or bird apartment building would be more accurate. I created this simple “bird hotel” illustration based on these oversized birdhouses I remember from when I was a kid and peopled (birded?) it with a flock of colorful birds.

Graphic t-shirts and other gear featuring this artwork are available in both my Redbubble and Threadless shops. Or check out my Zazzle  shop for some customizable and personalized bird house items including a fun change of address announcement.

And my apologies to any They Might Be Giants fans out there who now, like me, have “Birdhouse In Your Soul” stuck in your head. You just might have to go outside or open your window and listen to  some birdsong to clear your mind.

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