Many years ago, when I was still a child we visited Longwood Gardens, which if you ever get a chance to visit you definitely should. At the time they had a special exhibit on bonsai trees, and I was fascinated by these beautiful miniature trees.

Bonsai is a form of gardening in which small trees are grown in pots and cultivated in a way that these tiny trees mimic large, full-size trees. It’s a form of ornamental planting that originated in China and later spread to Japan.

I think there’s something very calming and peaceful about bonsai tree gardening, which I suppose is why during these chaotic and stressfull times, I decided to create some bonsai tree artwork hoping to capture the calming minimalist style of bonsai in digital graphic form.

I’ve created a number of products on Zazzle as part of my Japanese Bonsai Tree Wedding Collection. As the name suggests, this includes a full suite of wedding stationery and related products for those planning an event that’s more simple and understated like bonsai trees themselves.

Also available in my Zazzle shop are some personalized bonsai tree gifts and bonsai greeting cards that would be perfect for bonsai tree gardeners.

For those who want to spread some peaceful bonsai tree vibes there’s some novelty bonsai tree products available in my Redbubble store like this Grow in Peace Bonsai Tree T-Shirt.

And of course some matching bonsai tree stickers to add a little bit of peaceful vibes wherever you need it.

Sending you all some calm and peaceful vibes during times that are anything but.

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