Well, for the second week in a row this week’s Threadless design challenge forced me to leave my comfort zone. The theme for this week’s challenge is Nouvelle Vague. (Yeah, I had to Google that, too.)

Well, it turns out Nouvelle Vague is French for French New Wave, and since that didn’t exactly clear things up for me, I ended up looking at a LOT of movie posters from this somewhat experimental time in French cinema.

Then I returned to my comfort zone slightly, and created a design that features a cat, Le Chat for all of you francophiles out there. There’s some colorful circles and some dots as well to round ou the design, plus a distressed style which I think is all vaguely nouvelle.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m talking about with all this French stuff. I took Spanish in high school, and can confidently ask where the library or the pencil sharpener is.

Anyway, this vaguely French kitty is currently up for scoring at Threadless. So, if you feel like giving your two cents on the matter you can score Le Chat here.

Graphic T-shirts and other products featuring this design are currently available for purchase in my Threadless Artist Shop.

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