In this strange new time that we’re living in, face masks are becoming a ubiquitous necessity. They’re pretty much like underwear. Society frowns on those who don’t wear one, you should change and wash them daily (at least), and you should have some that match your style.

Last night I got it in my head that I would sew some face coverings. After all, I have a sewing machine and all of the equipment needed to make some. What could be more simple? A lot of things, as it turned out.


I dug out my sewing machine and supplies, which in itself was a huge undertaking, watched enough YouTube tutorials on sewing fabric masks to make my eyes bleed and then had an epic battle with my printer to get it to print a sewing pattern PDF. Undeterred, I soldiered on and after forgetting how to wind a bobbin (it was the end of a long day) then raiding my pantry for twisty ties (I know I have a spool of floral wire somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I decided to stash it) I got to work sewing.

Let’s just say my first attempts were something short of perfection. Will they do anything to stop the spread of the coronavirus? That’s somewhat doubtful. Will they make me look like some sort of half-assed weirdo who lacking any other woven material attempted to sew a face mask out of an old tea towel? Most assuredly.

In the process, I pricked my finger at least three time, broke a nail and a sewing machine needle and eventually came to the conclusion that I was out of my mind and I should have just bought some fabric masks online because there were WAY better ways to spend my time than trying to craft my own protective gear.

Anyway, the good news is that more and more places seem to be stocking fabric masks online, and if the reports that outbreaks are going to be a part of our lives for the next two years are in any way accurate, then we should probably have at least as many masks as we have pairs of underwear.

The print-on-demand store Redbubble recently added face masks to their offerings, and I have a few available featuring my artwork like my cute pink winky face one above. You can check out my fun reusable fabric face masks here.

Zazzle has a couple of different styles of fabric face masks available featuring fun patterns and illustrations. I’ve created some pretty patterns, cute illustrations and some more tasteful and serious styles because one way that fabric face masks are not like underwear is that everyone is going to see them.

So, it might be good idea to stock up on some before you head back to work, because chances are they’re going to become a regular workplace fashion accessory in the coming months. My guess is that before long we’ll be seeing GQ spreads that feature suits, ties, pocket squares and, of course, coordinating face masks.

So, don’t get your knickers in a twist (or your twisty ties in your knickers) about all the changes that the epidemic has wrought in our daily lives, and instead make sure you’re prepared to face this strange new world of ours in style.

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