Maybe it’s because I heard everyone online talking about that Tiger King show. (Sorry, don’t think I can stomach a show about animal abusers.) Maybe it’s because folks are sporting some new quarantine hairstyles. But for some reason I decided to create some mullet themed designs.

I created a simple cartoon style illustration of a mullet hairstyle and paired it with some different text options to create these lighthearted designs.

Here’s a Great Hair, Don’t Care Mullet mug that’s available in both my Redbubble and Threadless shops:

But with Father’s Day on the horizon I thought this design would make for a fun card or even gift items for Dad’s big day. Here’s a Happy Father’s Day card that’s perfect for Dad and his corny sense of humor.
This funny Father’s Day card is available in my Zazzle and Redbubble shops.

Okay, but what if you have your own idea for a funny message for this design? Well, that’s where Zazzle and its personalization opitions comes in handy. For those of you looking to create your own corny or personalized mullet message I’ve added some different mullet themed designs to my Zazzle shop that can be customized with your own text, like party supplies, business cards, trailer hitch covers and this aluminum can sleeve:

I should add that I have a special personal bond with this illustration. Back in high school one of the last times I ever let someone else cut my hair (that’s right I’ve been a home haircutter long before this quarantine business began) I went to a hair salon for a normal haircut and wound up with some mullet-like ‘do. I had long hair, and I still had some long hair, but not on the top of my head. It was an utter disaster. Tears were shed.

Well, decades have passed and I’ve recovered enough to be able to smile and laugh about it and use it for inspiration in creating new illustrations.

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