With all that’s going on in the world right now, celebrating might be the furthest thing from our minds. Stress and uncertainty are weighing on all of us, and some are dealing with illness or worrying about a loved one who is sick with Covid-19.

But there’s also a desire to maintain some semblance of normality during these strange and hectic times. We can delay movie releases and the baseball season, but what about children’s birthdays? It seems kind of mean to tell a five year old who is doing his best to be good during the lockdown that he now has to skip his birthday.

And for Moms-to-be telling that little bun in the oven that they’ll just have to wait to make an appearance until all this passes over isn’t going to cut it. Babies are still going to be born, and kids are still going add another finger to their I’m-this-many count. Celebrating such occasions during the time of Coronavirus just means that people need to be extra creative with how they do their partying.

A baby shower by mail is not a new concept, but it’s become increasingly popular during this era of social distancing. Rather than having an in-person party to celebrate a baby’s arrival. Friends and family can send gift cards and other baby shower gifts by way of the post office to make sure that Mom has everything she needs for her new bundle of joy.

I designed these Shower by Mail invitations, which are available in my Zazzle shop. They’re available in pink or light blue color schemes and feature a cute illustration of a little teddy bear in a mailbox.

Zoom parties seem to be the latest trend. Whether you use Zoom or another conferencing app, you can throw a fun virutual party to celebrate birthdays or just to break up the monotony of lockdown life and see the faces of the friends and family members you are missing.

I created some fun virtual birthday party invitations that are perfect for Zoom parties for young kids. They feature some cute cartoon animals having their own Zoom party. On the reverse side of the invites are some more cute animals and plenty of room for you to explain the instructions for how folks can participate in the virtual party.

If you’re tired of staring at your computer screen or phone screen, (and really who of us hasn’t been spending entirely too much time in front of digital screens?) a drive-by party is another fun solution to celebrating birthdays and other events during the pandemic.

I’ve seen some fun videos of drive-by birthday parties on YouTube and Facebook, and these work great for folks who have family and friends who aren’t too far away. It’s especially fun when I see the parties where people have gotten extra creative decorating their cars, making fun signs or even performing music as they roll by. It’s almost like having your own personal parade.

I think these fun Volkswagen Beetle party invitations I created recently are perfect for drive-by birthday parties and other celebrations. They feature my drawing of  a vintage VW bug with colorful birthday balloons tied to it.

Well, as every other advertisement and marketing email I receive these days assures me, we’re all in this together, and we’ll make it through. If you have occasions to celebrate during these trying times, I hope you can make the most of them and find some ways to make these dark times a little bit brighter.

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