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I know, I know, you already get enough emails, why would you want to sign up for one more? Well, this one’s free, and pretty infrequent – at most once a month, though less often if Alissa falls behind on things, which history has proven to be a very real possibility. More importantly, this monthly mailing is different from most of the other messages you receive in your inbox.

Different how?

Because you’re invited to take part and share your own adventures. Each month will feature a new theme or challenge, which you’re invited to take part in. What’s in it for you? Social media glory, the chance to make some new internet friends and the chance to grow and improve yourself, your business or your creative ventures. Share your stories with Alissa and fellow adventurers, or just sit back and read or watch what everyone else is up to, it’s your choice.

So to recap:

  • It’s free
  • It’s infrequent
  • It’s interactive
  • You might learn something
  • You might pick up new followers
  • It’s an adventure

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(Have no fears: you may unsubscribe at any time and your address will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone else without your consent.)


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