Book Discussion Questions for Ferocity Summer

“This book is definitely for the oldest of the teen audience with intense language and sexuality, and adult readers will devour it as well, remembering their narrow escapes during their adolescence. Recommended.” – VOYA

1. Ferocity Summer takes a look at some heavy topics including drugs, alcohol and death. Why do you think the author chose to focus on these subjects? What was your overall impression of these topics after reading Ferocity Summer?

2. What does Scilla do or not do when she witnesses Willow’s self destructive behavior? How does Scilla’s action or lack of action impact Willow’s behavior? What actions could Scilla have taken to help Willow?

3. What if Scilla’s and Willow’s roles were reversed? Would Scilla be able to save herself? What do you think Willow would do to help Scilla?

4. Why do you think Scilla identifies with General Sherman, the subject of her history paper? How has history remembered Sherman? Can you think of any other historical figures or literary characters to compare with Scilla?

5. Ferocity Summer has been called a “realistic journey into drug addiction and bad decision making.” What are some of the bad decisions that Scilla makes? What would have been better decisions for Scilla to make?

6. Imagine Scilla a decade later attending her 10 year high school reunion. In what ways do you think she would be different than she was at age 17? How do you think she would feel about the summer she was 17? What regrets do you think she might have?

Click here for a printable book discussion guide.

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