In Shallow Pond everyone knows the Bunting sisters, but no one knows their secret.

Barbara Bunting is the youngest of three orphaned sisters, and she’s tired of getting mistken for Annie and Gracie. That’s just one of the reasons she plans on leaving Shallow Pond as soon as she graduates high school. She’s determed to ignore Zach, the new, gorgeous guy in town. As seeds of discord grow between her sisters, Annie’s health takes a turn for the worse. Barbara searches for the truth of her family’s past, but Shallow Pond offers only lies and deceit. The one thing Barbara can trust is her halting connection to Zach — an unsettling bond that may be the answer to a mystery that doesn’t want to be solved.

A surprising twist awaits in Shallow Pond, a YA speculative novel from Alissa Grosso.

Dip into Shallow Pond, and find out the secret of the Bunting sisters.



Praise for Shallow Pond:

“Grosso raises deep issues of identity and ethics . . . the swift pace will hold readers through a surprising ending.” – Booklist

“I really enjoyed the subtle undercurrents of love versus obsession. And not just between Babie and Zach . . .It delves into some dark waters, dealing with controversial topics, toeing the line between right and wrong.” 

– Contagious Reads

“I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a YA read with a mysterious plot, and some unexpected plot twists.” – Bird on a Pencil


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