Are you interested in making some extra money? Curious about getting started in selling vintage and antique items on the internet?

The Etsy online marketplace is a great place to sell vintage products and in her latest book author Alissa Grosso guides you through the steps to open up a store, find profitable items to sell and have success on Etsy.

In 2011 Alissa Grosso started her Etsy shop Planet Alissa with just a handful of vintage items. In those five years she’s sold $40,000 worth of vintage items on Etsy and learned a few things along the way. Each week she shares her recent Etsy sales on her popular Planet Alissa YouTube channel and provides helpful how-to videos for other online sellers. Now, in her first nonfiction book she gives readers practical advice on selling vintage items on Etsy. Learn about the basics of setting up your Etsy shop; practical advice for promoting and growing your shop and how to earn extra money from items that are readily available at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions and more. This book offers helpful information for established resellers hoping to branch out into the Etsy market or new sellers who want to learn more about profiting from vintage items.

Find out more about starting your Etsy business today.





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