Alissa Grosso is a young adult novelist, among other things.

DSCF2071 copyAlissa’s books have been published on four continents. She’s the author of the novels Popular (Flux, 2011), Ferocity Summer (Flux, 2012) and Shallow Pond (Flux, 2013). She shares information about the world of books and publishing and the ups and downs of being a writer on her YouTube channel Awkward Author.

Alissa also runs Planet Alissa a vintage Etsy shop, as well as the Planet Alissa YouTube Channel where she offers tips and advice for vintage Etsy sellers and those interested in selling elsewhere online.

Alissa grew up in Bergen and Sussex Counties in New Jersey. She’s lived in the Pocono Mountains; Hunterdon County, New Jersey and, briefly, in a basement in Maine. These days she lives in a small town in Pennsylvania, but she can walk to New Jersey (There’s a bridge.)

She holds a B.A. in English from Rutgers University and like most English majors has held6.25.13 alissa bench copy a variety of jobs. In the past she has worked as a newspaper editor, a children’s librarian, a book distributor sales rep and a long, long time ago as a tavern wench complete with Colonial style costume.

Her writing has appeared in a number of newspapers, magazines and websites, and she is a monthly contributor to YA Outside the Lines.

Alissa lives with her dog Jack, a mutt of mysterious origins. Could he be part Australian Shepherd? Boxer? Who knows? He’s all cute and a faithful companion who often reminds her when it’s time to stop working to go on a walk or at the very least throw a squeaky ball. DSCF7270Jack’s lucky his owner enjoys spending her free time outdoors walking, running, biking or, when the weather allows, cross country skiing.

If she isn’t playing outside with Jack, she might be spending time with her boyfriend Ron whose creative talents are of the musical sort, a drummer since the age of 3, he’s the creator of Zega-Zada Power Orchestraalissa ron 2.

Alissa is a member of  The Class of 2K11, The KidLit Authors Club, and The Elevensies.

 Alissa is represented by Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Want to learn more about Alissa? Listen to an interview with Jeanne Murphy on Talented People Radio.

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