I’m on a short hiatus from my day job right now, and while I have been using the time to catch up on some things here and do some writing, there’s also some time for some fun. On Tuesday Ron and I decided to take a little trip to a museum not too far away. The Mercer Museum is located in Doylestown, PA and has such a cool look that we had to check it out.

Here’s a Christmas-themed view of the outside of the museum:

The museum specializes in early American tools and is chock full of stuff to see. Here’s a view of the main area of the museum:

There was even stuff located on the top of the big, high ceiling, and as long time readers might know, I do NOT do high ceilings. But other than that I really enjoyed touring the museum.

Early tools included day to day tools used by various tradesmen as well as forms of transportation like this early fire engine:

As well as a Conestoga wagon and a stagecoach. Check out the craftsmanship on the stagecoach wheel:

There were even some tools of the trade for writers:

Though I think I’ll stick to my Macbook.

By the way if you’re a writer on the hunt for inspiration, whether you’re writing historical fiction or something set in the present day, you never know what you mind find wandering around a museum.

Doesn’t this guy look like something that stepped right out of a creepy horror novel?

Ron and I took this picture of ourselves against what we thought was a festive tile backdrop:

It was only later when I looked at this picture a little closer that I saw the violent scene depicted behind us. Fans of the TV show Parks and Recreation will know why I felt like I was standing in front of a Pawnee, Indiana mural.

Here’s a view of more of those tiles:


The museum itself is seven stories, thus the crazy high ceiling, but if you climb up to the upper stories you get some pretty cool views:

We spent a couple of cool hours walking around the Mercer Museum, and I mean cool in both senses of the word. If you plan on exploring this museum on a chilly day better dress warm, because the concrete museum building is not heated!



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