If it’s hens you seek you’ve come to the right place: a look back at a year in the life of this website

The internet is a fascinating and amazing place, full of curious (both definitions of the world apply in this instance) and interesting people. Website analytics provide an interesting glimpse into the sort of people visiting a website and the search terms that brought them to it.

Since this website exists as a place for Alissa Grosso to promote her work, reach out to fans and write essays on topics, like, say, the search terms that people use to find her website it should come as little surprise that by far the most popular search phrase typed in that delivered visitors to her website was “alissa grosso.”

What might surprise you is that the second most popular search term, immediately after “alissa grosso”, that led people to this OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsite is “hen” yes, the word “hen.” It’s just slightly behind “alissa grosso” in terms of popularity and speaking of Popular things (that’s a little play on words, there) it far outranks things like the titles of her novels or various misspellings of her name in terms of popularity. Though much further down on the list, “hen photos” also makes the cut of search terms driving people to this website. Alissa is now thinking seriously of writing a book about a chicken.

Insomnia is also a popular source of traffic here at alissagrosso.com. The search phrases “I should be sleeping by now” and “I should be sleeping right now” have delivered a decent amount of traffic to this website. Interestingly enough, Alissa does not suffer from insomnia. In fact, she is pretty sure she can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and indeed spent much of her time in high school and college trying, often unsuccessfully, to not fall asleep during class.

Rounding out the list of curious search terms that drove multiple visitors here in 2013 are in order of popularity: slugs, alligator hybrid, fairytale newspaper and alien looking seedpods. All offer potential ideas for future novels.

As 2013 draws to a close, Alissa is looking ahead to 2014 and the searches that will draw more curious folks to her little corner of the internet and thanks you, dear curious reader, for visiting.


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  1. Ο/Η anonimos 1 λέει:kursare tha se palrkaaesw na digrapseis ayto to video giati exei prokalesei terastio provlima se mena ai sti kopela..de kserw pws vrethike sti katoxi sou alla tha se palrkaaesw na diagraftei..eyxaristw..

  2. Great..,I like the artist Alissa dnitefiion of photography as a powerful tool that could evoke emotions & also its effect towards several aspects of our social life .etcIt was clear from her first photos above & its strong effect spiritually on me as a Moslem because it was taken in the our Holy Mosque of Maccahope some day I can attend any of her exhibition to follow up the strength effect of her photos on meThank You, Sally Hart for bringing such artists in here

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