Last Saturday independent bookstores across the country were invaded by authors attempting to pitch in and lend a hand for the first ever Indies First event, an idea that author Sherman Alexie dreamed up. Authors everywhere took him up on his challenge and holiday shoppers got some assistance from local authors helping out the stores they love.

Alissa did her best to help shoppers at Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA:

11.30.13 Alissa indies first

Well, the truth is most of the questions that shoppers asked her completely stumped her. She had no idea where the rain gauges were, and had never heard of Babiator sunglasses, let alone knew whether the store carried them. Thankfully, real employees were on hand to provide some actual assistance.

The Moravian Book Shop Indies first event was set up by the one and only Josh Berk:



If you’ve ever read any of Josh’s books or had the pleasure of meeting him in person, you know that he has a great sense of humor and so he did a fabulous job of entraining fellow authors and shoppers alike. Also, look how cleverly he was able to make sure his stylish sneakers made it into this photo.

Picture book author Kay Winters helped out by spreading smiles and good cheer to her young readers and adults alike:


As you can see from the above picture, Kay was also kept pretty busy signing books for fans and holiday shoppers.

Also there and also very busy with signing was author John Grogan whose adult and children’s books about golden retriever Marley were a huge hit with Saturday’s shoppers. In fact, John was often surrounded by a crowd of shoppers so there’s no good picture of him to share from Saturday’s event.

Even if you missed out on Saturday’s Indies First event, the good news is you still have 20 shopping days until Christmas and indie bookstores are stocked with all sorts of great presents including rain gauges, Babiator sunglasses and even books. In fact, Moravian Book Shop has some special signed copies in stock, which always make great gifts. Plus this Saturday, December 7 is Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day, and stores across the country are celebrating with fun events.


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