To go along with my New Year’s resolution of being better at this social networking thing, I decided to get a jump start on it by creating a Google+ page for my novel Popular. Yes, Popular has been out for 7 months, now. So, I am a bit late on this, but in my defense there was no Google+ when Popular first came out. Also, I reason that this will be good practice for creating a page for my next book, Ferocity Summer.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who is way more tech savvy than me, sent me a link to a post by Evo Terra that explained why authors should create a Google+ page for their book. It was one of those things that I sort of mentally filed away, and said I would get to when I had a few spare minutes. I managed to squeeze it in last week.

I need to make it very clear that I am not a tech savvy person, and that if things are not idiot-proof I will likely find a way to mess it up. I should probably also point out that my computer is dinosaur-like in its capabilities so everything I do takes about 5 times longer than it takes the average person.

In order to create a Google+ page you need to have a Google+ profile already set up. So, basically that means setting up an account in your name. By the way, Google+ is a social networking site kind of like Facebook. When it first came out everyone thought it would immediately replace Facebook. That has yet to happen, and may never happen. All the same, I listened to all my more technologically advanced friends and set up a profile. For awhile there I was good about updating it, but then things kind of fell by the wayside. Anyway, with my resolution to be a better social networker I’m trying to stay on top of things.

If you scroll down on your Google+ home page there is a link on the sidebar on the right hand side that says Create a Google+ Page. Click on that. Then you are given a choice of categories. For a book page you should select the Arts, Entertainment and Sports Category.

Where it asked for a title, I entered Popular, which also not coincidentally, is my book’s title. So far, easy peasy, right?

Next it asked for a website. Instead of putting in a direct link to my website:, I decided to link to the specific page in my website with information on Popular, which happens to be Okay, so far so good.

Next it wanted me to select a category. This was where I told Google+ that this page was a book.

After that it was time to enter a 10 word tagline, I went with a short and sweet description of my book, “A high school popularity novel with an unexpected twist.”

Next it was time to add some media to my page. I added some photos both of the book cover and related photos of the book, a shot of me holding up an “I am Popular” sign for my book trailer. A picture of Popular on display in a bookstore window. Some pictures of me holding up Popular at different book signings.

On the video tab I uploaded my book trailer, naturally.

The about tab allowed me to include a little bit more information than that 10 word tagline and even allowed me to include some links so I linked to this website and my Twitter account.

Speaking of links there is also a section on the Google+ page for adding related links. I added my publisher as well as some groups I belong to. I’m probably going to add the different buy links for Popular as well, but with my dinosaur computer being extra sluggish, I decided to take a break for a little bit.

You can see the Google+ page for Popular here.

Is a Google+ page for my book truly necessary? Who knows? It was relatively painless, even for me, and my philosophy is that it won’t hurt any.

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