Last week I accidentally created a new creature by typing the word “alligator” instead of “octopus” and creating a sort of alligator octopus hybrid, which isn’t quite as scary as this picture of a bearsharktopus found on but still isn’t something I’d like to run into the next time I’m out for a swim. Thankfully, Sarah and her sharp eyes caught my mistake and I was able to make the needed correction.

That was nearly as bad as the time I sent my cousin an email about how I had won a writing contest. The only problem was that I had typed it as “one a writing contest.” I don’t know what was worse, the ironic typo or the fact that it was pointed out to me by my art major cousin.

Thankfully WordPress has a built in spellchecker or my most inadvertently funny typo would have been misspelling the word “inadvertently” in the title of this post. It took me three times to get it right.

So, be honest what’s the funniest typo you ever made?

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