According to my 2010 edition of A Working Writer’s Daily Planner today is Wilhelm Grimm’s birthday. He is the younger half of the pair affectionately referred to as The Brothers Grimm. According to Wikipedia:

The whole of the lives of the two brothers were passed together. In their school days, they had one bed and one table in common. As students, they had two beds and two tables in the same room. They always lived under one roof, and had their books and property in common.

I can’t help thinking that they were almost like conjoined twins when I read this description. I’m always intrigued by anyone who can successfully collaborate with another individual on a long term basis. Collaboration can be pretty tricky.

I think siblings might have a built in advantage in terms of collaboration, though. Using family games of Pictionary as my point of reference, it seems pretty clear that siblings have a better ability to communicate with one another that gives them an advantage in this area.

Hollywood has some creative sibling pairs in the Coen brothers and the Farrelly brothers. Music has seen it’s fair share of sibling collaboration. Whether your taste runs more towards The Jonas Brothers or Good Charlotte, there are plenty of creative siblings in the music biz. The world of young adult literature, not to mention the blogosphere has the talented and always hilarious Lisa and Laura Roecker.

There is one creative pair you may not be acquainted with, however. I am referring to the multi-talented Sisters Grosso whose collaborative efforts span filmmaking, the world of music and even a few ill-fated literary offerings. As pretty much everything we ever collaborated on was on a level distinctly below amateur, it has little chance of ever seeing the light of day, but having teased you I might as well put something out there.

So, here are the lyrics to the first verse of a little ditty we like to call “You’re So Great” written and performed (though lucky for you there is no performance here to view) in honor of my mother’s 60th birthday. I’m sure you’ll be able to guess the tune (by the way, these lyrics probably makes more sense if you know that my parents met at a fraternity party and that my mother used to iron her hair):

She walked into the party
Like she was ready for her life to start
Her hair strategically straight to catch his eye
She instantly stole is heart
She had one eye on the future
And it looked like a work of art
And of all the boys she knew he’d be her partner. . .
Well, a grammy award for songwriting probably isn’t in our future.
So, happy birthday Wilhelm Grimm, and thank you to creative siblings everywhere. Have you ever collaborated with a sibling? What was the result?

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