I was never completely satisfied with the old look of this site, and wanted something a little less clunky. Since this site is created using WordPress themes, I didn’t think it would be too hard to simply change the theme to something more to my liking. There are two problems with this. The first is that I am picky. The second is that changing a theme and tweaking it is never that simple for non-coders like myself.

Well, many hours after this “quick” project began, I have something that I am happy with. Other than a massive headache, I escaped relatively unscathed. For amateurs looking for a theme that can be customized with relatively little pain, may I recommend the Aeros theme. The theme is set up in such a way that backgrounds can be changed. Well, I say very easily, but it took me a while to realize that what I needed to do was download the entire theme file to my computer, unzip it, add the image I wanted to the themes folder, zip it back up, then upload the whole thing to my WordPress account. For serious programmers this sort of thing is probably something you don’t even think about, but amateur that I am it was a frustrating learning experience.

You can use any image you want with this theme to make it completely your own. I found a background image that I liked (they have some really cool stuff) from Fotolia.com downloaded that, and went through the whole aforementioned ordeal.

Now, I am going off to take some aspirin and recover from my ordeal.